Glencairn Glass vs Old Fashioned Glass

Glencairn Glass vs Old Fashioned Glass

Glencairn Versus Old Fashioned Glass photo

Whether it’s different types of wine, beer or a classic cocktail, there is a style and shape of glass for everything.

For years however, when drinking whiskey you either shot it or drank it from an old fashioned or rocks glass. Of course, that all changed several years ago when the Glencairn Glass was introduced. Originally designed for single malt Scotch, it seems every whiskey distiller,…

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Destination: Wild Turkey

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m heading down to Louisville and beyond to help Jimmy and Eddie Russell celebrate the grand opening of the new Wild Turkey visitor center on Tuesday evening.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Dinner Recap

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Dinner Recap

Angel's Envy Bourbon Dinner Image
Thank you to everyone that joined us this past Thursday night for our Angel’s Envy Bourbon Dinner & Tasting. It was truly an amazing evening filled with great food, amazing whiskey and most importantly, lots of banter among old and new friends.

The evening kicked off with the traditional Bourbon & Banter Bourbon Lounge where guests enjoyed appetizers while sipping on the Angel’s Decree cocktail…

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Let’s Raise a Glass to Mad Men

Let’s Raise a Glass to Mad Men

Cheers to Made Men  photo

This Sunday, April 13, is the big day. AMC will air the first episode of the final season of Mad Men. I don’t know what will happen this season, but one thing is for sure – there will be drinking, and plenty of it.

What Would Don Draper Do?

For almost every occasion, he’d pour a glass of amber-colored spirits and throw it straight down the hatch. If you played a drinking game while watching the…

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Bracket Buster Bourbon Shot

Bracket Buster Bourbon Shot

Bracket Buster Bourbon Shot Photo

March is over, but the Madness continues. The Final Four is approaching and your bracket is most likely beyond repair. Some broken things can’t be fixed, but some can. Since basketball is all about making shots, that’s what I’ve done for you here.

There is a cocktail in the Savoy Cocktail Book that appears twice. Once under the name Bunny Hug and once as the Earthquake Cocktail. It is a…

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Kentucky Bourbon Tasting Experience

Kentucky Bourbon Tasting Experience

Kentucky Bourbon Tasting Experience Image

Our friends over at The Filson Historical Society asked that we shared with everyone that Michael Veach is hosting a Kentucky Bourbon Tasting Experience during Derby Week. Here’s the details from their official press release.  (more…)

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Secret Life of Bourbon Barrels

This infographic about the secret life of bourbon barrels, created by Gustav Katz,  was originally posted online back in October 2011 so some of the information might be out of date.

OYO Bourbon Review: Michelone’s Reserve

OYO Bourbon Review: Michelone’s Reserve

Oyo Bourbon Review Photo

Since the last Ohio-based bourbon made me ashamed of my home state, I was eager to review Middle West Spirits‘ OYO Bourbon Whiskey with the hope of proving that the Buckeye State is not completely ignorant in the world of whiskey. This isn’t the first time I have tried the Michelone’s Reserve Bourbon from Middle West. I frequently include it on my list of recommended bourbons for bourbon…

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Bourbon & Banter Weekly Update #1

Here are some of the links referenced in this episode of the Bourbon & Banter Weekly Update: